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Just Another Agency is an independent Tokyo based agency facilitating PR, marketing, localisation, and original content creation for selected brands from a broad range of backgrounds. Through our closely managed relationships we ensure that whatever your message, it is communicated clearly, originally, and in a voice your audience wants to hear. We think of you as our partner, becoming equally invested in your mission whilst always ensuring that your story stays your own. Working with you to identify the best aspects of your brand, we utilise our market knowledge and wide-ranging network to deliver on your goals with optimal efficiency. We like to keep things simple for our partners, and interesting for their audiences.


Our Services



Video, design, photography, the written word; our internationally minded team of Japan-based creators works closely with you to create tailor-made content that is vibrant, original, and relevant to the Japanese market. From pitch to creation, we handle as much of the creative process as you need us to, tailoring our service to your budget and campaign requirements.


We don't believe in one-to-one translations of phrases, slogans, and copy that worked in other markets. We believe that true localisation requires a deeper knowledge of Japan's unique language, culture, trends, and business practices. Our Localisation Services take all of this into account, helping you to find your place in this fascinating country in language local audiences understand, whilst always maintaining your own brand identity.


Our brand value management services are based on thorough research that leads to innovative solutions, tailored to fit all kinds of market situations. Besides our Creative and Localisation services, we also offer Japan focused PR, Event Management, Influencer & Network Seeding, and Branding & Marketing services. 

Further information, including a portfolio of our work, is available on request. Drop us a line below and let's get talking.







If you'd like to make an enquiry, receive a portfolio of recent work, or just have an informal chat about opportunities for your brand, please drop us an email using the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Whatever the scope of your needs, we're always happy to talk.