We facilitate marketing, localization, and original content creation for carefully selected clients from a broad range of backgrounds. Through our closely managed relationships we ensure that whatever your brand message, it is communicated clearly, originally, and with optimal efficiency. We like to keep things simple for our partners, and interesting for their audiences.

OUR Services

Creative: Video, design, photography, print; our internationally minded team of Japan-based creators works closely with you to create tailor-made content that is vibrant, original, and relevant to the Japanese market.

Localization: Market penetration in Japan requires intimate knowledge of the country's unique culture, trends, and business practices. Our Localization Services help you to find your place in this fascinating country, speaking to local audiences whilst maintaining your own brand identity.

Traditional: Our brand value management services are based on thorough research that leads to innovative solutions, tailored to fit all kinds of market situations. Besides our Creative and Localization services, we also offer Japan focused PR and Event Management, and Branding and Marketing services.

Further information is available on request so drop us a line and let's talk some more about what we can do together.

SOME Partners

Feel free to have a look around our office/studio to see where we create for you: